Customer Experience design for the launch of Cazoo ($1.19B funding to date). Strategically mapping needs and behaviours across the proposed customer journey, followed by creative and production of digital communication touchpoints, supported by a Salesforce technical architecture.


Cazoo is a fast-growing and innovative used car commerce start-up, revolutionizing the automotive industry in the UK. With a remarkable funding of $1.19 billion to date, Cazoo aimed to disrupt the traditional used car buying process and offer customers a seamless and convenient online experience to purchase high-quality used cars.


Cazoo faced the challenge of launching a customer-centric platform that would revolutionize the way people buy used cars. The company sought to deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) that aligned with user needs and expectations throughout the customer journey. To achieve this, they needed a comprehensive CX strategy, creative execution, and the technical implementation of Salesforce CRM to drive personalized, relevant, and timely marketing communications.


The automotive marketing agency devised a comprehensive approach to deliver customer experience excellence for Cazoo's launch:

CX Mapping and Strategy
The agency collaborated closely with the CX Director and Strategy Director to understand user needs and behaviors. By conducting in-depth research and analysis, they strategically mapped the proposed customer journey to ensure a smooth and customer-centric experience.

Creative and Production Direction
The agency's creative team took charge of designing and developing digital communication touchpoints. They crafted multi-variant, modular CRM communications to ensure relevance and timeliness in consumer communication. The team made optimal use of Salesforce CRM technology to deliver personalized messaging to potential buyers.

Salesforce Technical Architecture
The agency contracted and managed Salesforce Technical Architects to analyze data laydown and scope the technical architecture required for the project. Technical Campaign Managers were also employed to handle automation workflows and testing. This approach ensured that the implementation was in-house and maintained the quality of the output.

CEO and CCO Liaison
At the executive level, the agency coordinated with Cazoo's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Customer Officer (CCO). They collaborated to gain insights into the business needs and align the plan of action accordingly. A consistent feedback loop was established to address any changes or improvements required.

Team Director and Project Management
The agency's Team Director played a crucial role in directing the Proximity team to deliver the six-month project. They managed the entire process from CX mapping to creative and production, ensuring timely and successful delivery of the foundational marketing automation for Cazoo's launch.


The automotive marketing agency's strategic approach and implementation resulted in remarkable results for Cazoo's launch:

Seamless Customer Experience
The customer-centric CX mapping and strategy delivered a seamless and intuitive online experience for users throughout their car buying journey. This elevated Cazoo's reputation and attracted new customers to the platform.

Personalized and Timely Communications
The creative and production direction enabled Cazoo to deliver highly personalized and timely marketing communications to potential buyers. This approach increased customer engagement and conversion rates.

Efficient Salesforce CRM Implementation
The Salesforce technical architecture and in-house management of Technical Architects and Campaign Managers ensured the smooth implementation of marketing automation, enhancing operational efficiency.

Successful Launch
The collaboration between the agency, Cazoo's executive team, and internal stakeholders led to a successful launch of the major UK automotive start-up. The launch received positive feedback from customers and industry peers, positioning Cazoo as a key player in the used car commerce market.


The automotive marketing agency's strategic approach in delivering customer experience excellence for Cazoo's launch played a crucial role in the company's success. The seamless customer journey, personalized communications, and efficient Salesforce CRM implementation contributed to Cazoo's rapid growth and success in the competitive automotive industry. The collaborative efforts, CEO and CCO liaison, and technical expertise showcased the agency's capability to drive impactful results and elevate their clients' brand presence in the market. Cazoo's launch exemplified the agency's expertise in delivering exceptional automotive marketing solutions and customer-centric experiences for innovative start-ups in the industry.

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