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Luxury automotive investment and sales fully integrated marketing strategy, creative, channel production, PR, media planning and buying. Delivering record sales results for vehicles of distinction and national PR with core consumer automotive press.


Chrome Temple is a luxury automotive investment and sales company specializing in high-value vehicles of distinction. With a passion for unique and rare automobiles, Chrome Temple aimed to redefine the luxury automotive market by delivering exceptional marketing experiences and record-breaking sales results for their exclusive inventory.


Chrome Temple faced the challenge of transforming their business model to achieve sustainable growth and redefine the luxury automotive sales landscape. The client sought to elevate their marketing efforts to reach affluent buyers and create a fully integrated marketing strategy that encompassed creative, channel production, public relations, media planning, and buying. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge as in-person viewings and traditional sales methods were restricted.

The challenge was to devise an industry-first luxury online customer sales experience to continue selling high-value vehicles during the pandemic while capturing the attention of core consumer automotive press.


The automotive marketing agency developed a comprehensive approach to revolutionize Chrome Temple's luxury automotive sales and marketing efforts
Luxury Online CX
Recognizing the limitations posed by the pandemic, the agency devised and executed an industry-first luxury 'curated' online customer sales experience. This online platform provided potential buyers with immersive and personalized virtual showrooms, enabling them to explore and experience high-value vehicles remotely. The platform offered interactive features, high-definition images, and detailed specifications to create an exceptional digital experience that rivaled in-person viewings.
Record Results and Omni-Channel Sales
By implementing omni-channel sales methods, the agency enhanced Chrome Temple's market reach and visibility. The creative and marketing presentations were meticulously designed to appeal to the luxury automotive segment. The combination of high-quality visuals, compelling content, and targeted media buying contributed to record-breaking sales for 'vehicles of distinction,' including rare models like the Ferrari 512 TR.
National PR and Media Exposure
The agency's PR efforts generated significant media coverage in core consumer automotive press nationally. By strategically placing video content on major Australian automotive publications, they amplified the exposure of the Ferrari 512 TR, garnering widespread attention from potential buyers and luxury car enthusiasts.
Business and Marketing Strategy
The agency played a key role in defining a new and sustainable business model for Chrome Temple. By evaluating the existing approach and market dynamics, they successfully pivoted the client's business model towards a more profitable and competitive direction, driving continuous success for the brand.


The automotive marketing agency's strategic approach and implementation achieved remarkable results for Chrome Temple
Record Sales Performance
The fully integrated marketing strategy, online CX, and omni-channel sales methods led to record-breaking sales for 'vehicles of distinction.' Luxury car buyers were captivated by the high-quality marketing presentation and immersive online experiences.
Luxury Online CX Success
The industry-first luxury 'curated' online customer sales experience during COVID enabled Chrome Temple to continue selling high-value vehicles, even during periods of restricted mobility and in-person viewings. This innovation positioned the company as a pioneer in the luxury automotive sales industry.
National PR and Media Exposure
The major Australian automotive publications running video content on the Ferrari 512 TR generated significant media exposure, attracting potential buyers and increasing Chrome Temple's brand reputation within the luxury automotive segment.
Sustainable Business Model
The agency's guidance in defining a new business and marketing strategy resulted in a successful pivot from an unsustainable model to one that continues to deliver results and growth to this day.


The automotive marketing agency's strategic approach in revolutionizing luxury automotive sales for Chrome Temple delivered exceptional results. By leveraging fully integrated marketing efforts, creating an industry-first luxury online CX, and driving record sales with omni-channel methods, the agency helped Chrome Temple establish a strong foothold in the luxury automotive market.

The success of their business model pivot further solidified the agency's expertise in delivering innovative and impactful automotive marketing solutions, positioning them as a trusted partner in the luxury automotive industry.

Chrome Temple's achievement in attracting affluent buyers, achieving record sales, and garnering national media attention showcased the agency's capability to deliver extraordinary results and elevate their clients' brand presence in competitive markets.

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