Driving conversion with large scale digital performance media campaigns across the IAG brand suite: NRMA, SGIO, SGIC. Combined with campaign landing pages to maximise message relevance to audience segments at the online point of conversion.


IAG (Insurance Australia Group) is a leading insurance provider in Australia, consisting of well-known brands such as NRMA, SGIO, and SGIC. With a strong presence in the insurance industry, IAG aims to enhance brand visibility, engage with its audience, and drive conversions across its brand suite.


IAG faced the challenge of driving conversions effectively across its brand portfolio (NRMA, SGIO, and SGIC) in a highly competitive digital landscape. The company sought to optimize its digital media campaigns to reach the right audience segments and maximize message relevance during the online conversion process. Additionally, IAG aimed to leverage new technologies and innovative marketing approaches to capture consumer attention and stand out in the market.


The automotive marketing agency developed a comprehensive approach to address IAG's business challenges and achieve its conversion goals:

Digital Performance Media Campaigns for IAG Brand Suite
The agency designed and executed large-scale digital performance media campaigns across IAG's brand suite, including NRMA, SGIO, and SGIC. These campaigns were strategically planned to target specific audience segments with tailored messages, ensuring maximum relevancy during the online conversion process.Crashed

Car Showroom - An Immersive Digital Project
The agency conceptualized and executed the "Crashed Car Showroom," a groundbreaking digital project that leveraged cutting-edge technologies like Oculus Rift VR, eye-tracking, and projection mapping. The activation was a multisensory experience combining web, experiential, social, radio, and point-of-sale elements. It generated significant buzz, earning $3 million in PR coverage and reaching 5.2 million people on social media.

Safer Choices Hub Website Management
For NRMA Insurance, the agency took charge of managing the all-new "Safer Choices Hub" website. The website was designed to empower customers with valuable content to make safer decisions on the road. The agency was involved from the initial conception, ensuring ongoing development, and optimizing the content for the best user experience.

Digital Performance Programs
The agency's expertise extended to managing digital performance programs for IAG, encompassing strategy development and end-to-end delivery. These programs were tailored to improve campaign performance, increase lead generation, and drive conversions.


Through the implementation of the digital marketing strategies, the automotive marketing agency achieved remarkable results for IAG:

Increased Conversion Rates
The optimized digital performance media campaigns delivered higher conversion rates across NRMA, SGIO, and SGIC brand portfolios. The tailored messages and targeted approach significantly improved customer engagement and conversion rates.

Successful Crashed Car Showroom Activation
The Crashed Car Showroom received widespread media coverage, generating $3 million worth of PR value. The experiential campaign successfully reached 5.2 million people on social media, boosting brand awareness and interest in IAG's offerings.

Safer Choices Hub Impact
The Safer Choices Hub website became a valuable resource for NRMA Insurance customers, helping them make informed decisions on the road. The user-friendly design and optimized content contributed to higher user engagement and positive feedback.

Improved Digital Performance Programs
The agency's strategic management of digital performance programs resulted in improved campaign performance, driving more qualified leads and conversions for IAG.


The automotive marketing agency's innovative and strategic approach played a vital role in driving conversions for IAG's brand suite. Through large-scale digital performance media campaigns, immersive digital projects like the Crashed Car Showroom, and optimized website management, the agency effectively engaged target audiences and achieved impressive results for IAG's NRMA, SGIO, and SGIC brands. The successful execution of digital marketing initiatives demonstrated the agency's expertise in the automotive sector and its ability to deliver impactful results for its clients.

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