Suzuki cars & motorcycles


Launched Suzuki Cars & Motorcycles first, nationally consolidated CRM program in the UK, in addition to launching the brand’s social media platforms across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr. Not to mention their most successful DM campaign.


Suzuki is a renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer with a diverse range of products, including cars and motorcycles.


Suzuki UK faced considerable customer experience challenges as each dealer independently managed its own CRM with varying quality outcomes, as a result of diverse tech stacks, marketing budgets and experience levels.
The absence of a UK ‘global’ CRM strategy and execution across the dealer network resulted in data inconsistencies, poor personalisation and relevancy, negative brand experiences, and limited visibility of outcomes.
It was agreed that Suzuki UK would execute the CRM strategy at the HQ level, reducing the load and need on their dealer network.


The CRM strategy developed took into consideration offline and online customer touchpoints from physical dealerships, through to dealer and core brand websites.
Mapping each touchpoint and customer needs to a high quality digital and print communications, fulfilled centrally by Suzuki UK. From product brochures requests to welcome packs, from monthly E-newsletters to tactical finance offers.
The creative development tied closely to Suzuki’s ‘Way of Life’ brand values; using high quality, emotive, action imagery in full-bleed high impact executions.
With highly targeted personalisation and messaging relevancy based on the customer touchpoint, trigger and customer segmentation (suspect, prospect, customer, lapsed).

Including one example, the ‘Changer Pack’ DM was delivered to existing customers 6 months before their finance was due to end. Enticing them with the current vehicle range and exclusive offers.


The ‘Changer Pack’ delivered an incredible ROI of £39 to £1 spend. A conversion rate of 1.95%, with 205 cars sold within the first six months of the campaign, amounting to an estimated value of £2,255,000.
Overall the HQ-driven CRM strategy delivered significant improvement in customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention for both Suzuki Cars and Motorcycles.

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