Website strategy, design, build and deployment on the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to leverage a prestigious and high investment sport sponsorship. Combining a modular component build with a content-first approach to deliver a first-class digital product.


Team Vortex was an Australian racing team that competed in the high-profile V8 Supercars race series (now Supercars Championship). The Caltex/Vortex sponsored team, accompanied by famous driver Craig Lowndes, enjoyed a strong following among motorsport enthusiasts. The sponsorship aimed to leverage Craig Lowndes' star power and the team's racing success to enhance the brand visibility and engagement of Caltex's premium fuel Vortex among mass automotive and motorsport communities.


Team Vortex faced the challenge of maximising the impact of their halo brand sponsorship with Caltex. The team wanted to create a compelling brand sponsorship campaign website that would showcase their race events, highlight the partnership with Caltex, and capitalise on Craig Lowndes' popularity. The challenge was to deliver a first-class digital product that would captivate motorsport enthusiasts, engage potential sponsors, and strengthen Caltex's association with the adrenaline-pumping world of V8 Supercars.


Create an impactful brand sponsorship campaign website on the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform (DXP):

Sitecore DXP Integration and Modular Component Build:
The agency leveraged the Sitecore DXP's capabilities to create a robust and dynamic website. A modular component build approach was adopted to ensure flexibility in content creation and design, allowing for easy updates and future scalability.

Content-First Approach:
The agency embraced a content-first approach to craft a compelling storytelling narrative. They highlighted Team Vortex's remarkable racing achievements, the excitement of V8 Supercars events, and the thrill of watching Craig Lowndes in action. This approach aimed to immerse visitors in the world of V8 Supercars and foster emotional connections with the team and its sponsor.

Strategic Design and User Experience:
The agency's creative team collaborated closely with Team Vortex to design an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly website. The website's layout and navigation were optimised to provide seamless access to key information, such as race schedules, driver profiles, and Caltex's involvement with the team.

Integration of Sponsorship Elements:
The campaign website seamlessly integrated Caltex's branding elements into the website's design, ensuring a cohesive representation of the partnership. The website also emphasised Caltex's contributions to Team Vortex and their shared commitment to excellence in motorsport.


The strategic approach and implementation resulted in impressive engagement for Team Vortex's brand website.

Engaging Digital Experience:
The brand sponsorship campaign website delivered an engaging and immersive digital experience for visitors, capturing the excitement of V8 Supercars racing and Team Vortex's achievements. The content-first approach resonated with motorsport enthusiasts, encouraging them to explore the website thoroughly.

Increased Brand Visibility:
The website effectively showcased Caltex's halo brand sponsorship of Team Vortex, elevating Caltex's brand visibility within the motorsport community and attracting attention from potential sponsors.

Strengthened Brand Association:
The integration of Caltex's branding with Team Vortex's compelling content strengthened the association between the two brands. The website showcased the powerful partnership between Caltex and Team Vortex, making it a compelling destination for fans and sponsors alike.

Positive User Engagement:
The website witnessed increased user engagement, evidenced by longer session durations and lower bounce rates. Visitors expressed a strong interest in Craig Lowndes' racing journey and the team's accomplishments, leading to increased support and interest in the brand sponsorship.

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