Brand strategy,  transitioning the fintech group from the diseconomy of a 'house of brands' and into a value laddering 'branded house' structure, with a ‘productised’ suite offering for target audiences, that retains and builds value throughout the group. In addition to 12 month marketing planning and scoping.


YOUx is an Australian-owned finance technology and fulfillment business operating in the fintech industry. As a company with three individual brands, each with its own identity and channels, YOUx faced inefficiencies due to its "house of brands" structure. The client sought a strategic brand restructure to transition into a cohesive and value-laddering "branded house" structure. This involved consolidating the individual brands into a single, efficient brand while retaining and building value throughout the group. The automotive marketing agency acted as YOUx's outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to address these challenges.


The main challenge for YOUx was the diseconomy resulting from the fragmented "house of brands" structure. The lack of cohesion hindered the group from maximizing the collective value of its brands and offerings. The business challenge was to lead a B2B group brand restructure, transitioning into a "branded house" structure with a productized suite offering tailored for different target audiences. Additionally, YOUx needed a comprehensive 12-month marketing and media strategy that covered owned, paid, and earned communication pillars to effectively promote the new brand structure and product suite.


The automotive marketing agency adopted a comprehensive approach to address YOUx's challenges:

B2B Group Brand Restructure
The agency conducted extensive market research and collaborated with key stakeholders to define the new brand strategy. They successfully led the transition from a "house of brands" to a value laddering "branded house" structure. The three individual brands were streamlined into a single brand with a productized suite offering, which efficiently presented a unified identity and value proposition to the target audiences.

12-Month Marketing and Media Planning
The agency developed a comprehensive 12-month marketing strategy, including a detailed marketing plan, scope, and budget. This strategy encompassed owned, paid, and earned communication pillars to optimize the promotion of the new brand structure and product suite. The marketing plan aligned with YOUx's business objectives, ensuring a consistent and effective approach to communication across different channels.

Agency Management
The agency negotiated, finalized, and managed a retained agency to handle various marketing deliverables. Weekly sprints were established to efficiently manage fundamental, BAU, and tactical tasks, ensuring the smooth execution of the marketing strategy.

Tenacious Delivery and Content Creation
The agency worked diligently to deliver the entire group rebrand and rollout of all communication channels within a tight timeframe of 8 weeks. This included creating a vast and comprehensive website, positioning YOUx for a successful presentation at the group's most important annual event. Additionally, the agency developed a thorough rolling owned content strategy, encompassing all content creation needs, from blog posts and social content to EDMs.


The automotive marketing agency's strategic approach delivered significant results for YOUx:

Streamlined Brand Structure
The successful B2B group brand restructure transformed YOUx into a cohesive "branded house" structure, enabling the group to fully leverage the collective value of its offerings. The single brand with a productized suite offering improved efficiency and strengthened its position in the market.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
The 12-month marketing plan, covering owned, paid, and earned communication pillars, effectively promoted the new brand structure and product suite. The strategy aligned with YOUx's business objectives and contributed to increased brand awareness and engagement.

Successful Group Rebranding
The agency's tenacious delivery enabled an efficient group rebrand and rollout of all communication channels, including the comprehensive website. The successful rebranding enhanced YOUx's reputation and established a consistent and professional image at the group's annual event.

Engaging Content Strategy
The rolling owned content strategy, featuring meticulously crafted content, proved engaging and effective in communicating with the target audiences. The content creation efforts bolstered YOUx's thought leadership and brand positioning.


The automotive marketing agency's comprehensive approach in transforming YOUx with a brand restructure and comprehensive marketing plan led to significant improvements in the company's branding and communication efforts. The streamlined brand structure, cohesive productized suite offering, and comprehensive marketing strategy elevated YOUx's position in the fintech industry. The agency's tenacious delivery and efficient execution showcased their expertise in delivering impactful solutions and driving tangible results for their clients. YOUx's journey from a "house of brands" to a unified "branded house" reinforced the agency's position as a trusted partner in delivering comprehensive automotive marketing solutions and elevating their clients' brand presence in competitive markets.

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